EUAC Covid-19 Info

Beginning on September 14, 2020, EUAC will adopt the following plan to adhere to state/local standards, while also limiting exposure and risk for students, staff, and families. We ask that families review the following reopening plan which details expectations and adjustments to commence at the start of our Fall 2020 Season.





What happens if me or my dancer becomes sick with COVID-19?

First things first, take care of yourself! But as soon as you are able, please contact us so that we can determine if other community members may have been exposed. Then, when you are up to it, please join classes virtually until your doctor clears your in-person participation. If you are not well enough to dance, do not fret. Again, take care of yourself and we will do our best to catch you up when you are able to return.


What happens to performances, conventions, or other EUAC events?

That is a great question! This would depend on the specifics of the event. If the event is EUAC-produced, we will work to ensure it can be held safely. When this is not possible, the event will be cancelled. If it is a non-EUAC produced event, we will work with the event organizers to configure a plan of attack. You will receive a credit/refund for any event that is cancelled and unable to be rescheduled or adapted.


My child despises virtual learning  What happens if the state mandates closures again?

While we know nothing compares to being in a room sweating it out with your dance fam, virtual learning has its benefits and from what we can tell, it is not going anywhere. As an example, casting agents are now configuring ways to reach potential talent through virtual means, choreographers are creating works virtually, conventions are being held online, shows are being produced in new and inventive ways. As hard as it is to believe, since I haven't aged one bit, it is 2020! As dancers, we must be adaptable and seize all opportunities for learning. With that said, EUAC is investing a ton of resources to ensure your virtual learning experience, if it becomes required, is exceptional. Trust us, WE GOT Y'ALL!


What if I am not able to get myself or my dancer tested?

Please contact the studio so that we may try to assist you and your family. 



What if a teacher gets COVID-19? How will they teach class?

This will be handled on a case by case basis but, as we know, many people are asymptomatic and may only need to be quarantined. In this case, the teacher might join virtually, with another teacher in the room to oversee and handle questions/manage dancers. If the teacher is not well enough to dance, their class will most likely have a substitute until they can return safely.


What if me or my child does not want to wear a mask?

We understand there are differing views with regards to the effectiveness of masks. While we know nothing is foolproof, masks are our best option at this point to minimize everyone's risk. We will have a discussion with dancers about how to dance safely with a mask and will also be giving breaks during classes/rehearsals so dancers can go outside, when possible, for fresh air.


What happens if a dancer shows up to class with a fever or showing signs of illness?

We will have students (over 18) and parents (on behalf of students under 18) complete a health questionnaire before coming to the studio which will require them to assess their health. If you/your dancer is exhibiting any symptoms which would be contagious, you will be asked to keep your dancer home. This will avoid the unfortunate situation where a dancer shows up to the studio sick. If your dancer starts exhibiting symptoms while at the studio, we will separate them from others until they can be picked up.


EUAC is amazing! We can't thank you enough for ensuring safe and quality dance education! How can we help? sweet. Let me count the ways! =P




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I have more questions. Can I request a call, email, or, perhaps, a tête-à-tête?

Of course. I love a good tête-à-tête! Please email me at or contact the studio by phone at 240-339-3822.

Alana Hill


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