EUAC Covid-19 Info

In response to school closings and area-wide response to COVID-19, we have been working diligently to establish a plan for our dance community.  Elements Urban Arts Collective is in a very unique position as our community and class numbers are well below established guidelines for closures.  However, we also want to do our part to keep people safe and comfortable during this high-alert period.  


We WILL be CLOSED Sunday 3/15, for all classes/rehearsals. 


Elements Urban Arts Collective will be moving to an online model for MOST of our classes and rehearsals starting on 3/15.      


Upon returning, we would ask that everyone continue to follow these precautions:


  • If your or your dancer is sick or has contagious symptoms such as fever and cough, we ask that you keep them home until their symptoms subside for a minimum of three days after a diagnosis of flu, and also 24 hours without fever (and without fever-reducing medicine).

  • If they have been exposed to or have contracted COVID19, please keep them home for 14 calendar days or until they can be cleared by a doctor.  

  • Dancers should bring hand sanitizer to class and we also have some at the studio.  


Lastly, we know none of this is ideal and there WILL inevitably be some bumps in the road.  We would appreciate your patience and understanding. We are absolutely doing the best we can to juggle the needs of our students (many of whom really depend on the regularity of dance classes), parents (who want nothing more than to keep their families safe) and our teachers (who depend on EUAC for financial stability). 


As a new small business, this pandemic offers unique challenges that we are doing our best to manage.  However, with the support of the amazing community we have built here, we all will get through this!

Alana Hill


Elements Urban Arts Collective

What about My Class?

ALL Elements Dance Company Rehearsals (Elementary, Junior, Senior, Freestyle) and Company Training classes (Sunday 11am and 2pm) 

We will be moving to an online model for classes/rehearsals for the remainder of the season.


ASA! (Sundays 2pm)

We have created an Absolute Beginner Series which includes ASA! on Sundays.  ALL Class cards will be extended one additional month from the time EUAC returns to our in-studio class format.  Registration is available online here

FREESTYLE & FOUNDATIONS (Wednesday 6:30pm)

We will be moving to an online model for the remainder of the season


HIP HOP BEG./INT. (Wednesday 7:30pm)

We are offering a virtual drop in option for this class which will start on 5/13/2020.  A link to register is included here.  To apply your class card to this class, please email


We will be moving to an online model for the remainder of the season.


Hip Hop Int. (Thursday 6:45pm)

We will be moving to an online model for the remainder of the season.


Advanced Commercial Hip Hop  (Thursday 7:30pm)

We will be moving to an online model for the remainder of the season.


As I mentioned, with things changing rapidly, PLEASE CHECK THE LINK FREQUENTLY for the most up to date information.  

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