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alana hill

Director, Elements Urban Arts Collective, LLC

Alana Hill dance pose

Alana Hill has been an Arts Educator/Administrator for 16 years, serving the DC local arts community in the areas of dance and theater.  Alana holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, with a Concentration in Art and is currently directing the Middle and Upper School dance program at Bullis School.  

Alana Hill’s love for dance started at a small dance school in her hometown of Oklahoma City, where she began ballet and tap training. Even as a young and shy child, Hill was always alive and uninhibited on stage. During high school she revisited her love of performance and choreography through cheerleading competitions, half-time shows, and high school talent competitions. In 2001, Hill began taking classes at Joy of Motion Dance Center, and was quickly inspired by a host of talented teachers and performers. She credits the faculty and staff at Joy of Motion Dance Center and their motto “‘Dance is for Everyone“ for inspiring her to believe in herself and her unlimited ability. In 2003, she co-founded Expansion Dance Project, a local hip hop dance company, and faithfully served as Managing Director, choreographer, and performer for over two years. Hill has also been a dancer with Life, Rhythm, Move Project and Contradiction Dance, and has directed four theatrical productions. Hill received her certification as a group exercise instructor and has taught hip hop classes at The Sports Club LA, Joy of Motion Dance Center and CityDance Center. Recently, Alana Hill served as Program Director for Joy of Motion Dance Center's H.Y.P.E. Youth Hip Hop Program.  As a dance educator, Hill seeks to inspire her students to search within themselves and find their inner performer, to be uninhibited, and to have fun.  As an Arts Facilitator and Administrator, she encourages artists to create from the heart and appreciate the process.  

Alana Hill looks forward to serving to local arts community in a new capacity with Elements Urban Arts Collective, LLC.

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