The third of the four original elements of hip-hop, B-boying-aka-Breakdance, is said to have originated in the South Bronx in the mid to late 70’s. B-Boying was created [behind] the DJ. In the beginning (early 80s), DJs were the masters of spinning and mixing music-all of which was meant to get the partygoers to dance. Thus, eventually [and naturally] the stewards of this new culture called hip-hop, would have to create and develop an official dance style of the Culture.


During the early renaissance period of the development of the DJing element, special pioneering DJs were experimenting with the technologies of DJing and it's various methodologies. In doing this, these pioneers stumbled upon what was called a “break beat”, which translates into forcibly stopping a record in mid-play to create a “break”. When Djs used this method at parties, special dancers would dance to those breaks within the beats and those dancers became known as “break boys” or “b-boys”for short. B-boying, a dance style that resembles a mixture of 1960s soul, fast ballet, and Brazilian martial arts, became the quintessential dance style of its time and a significant right-of-passage for any [serious] aspiring hip-hop artist. By the mid-80s, breakdancing had spread throughout the US as well as many countries around the world and had become the primary means of [non-violent] hip-hop battle among rival crews. The breakdancing boom during this time became so overwhelmingly popular that Hollywood was forced to take notice and cash in on its cultural influence. Films such as Breakin, Breakin 2, Wildstyle, The Warriors and Beat Street highlighted the b-boying sub-culture and were pillars of their time. They have since become cult-classics within Hip-Hop Culture.


Today, b-boying is as hot and prosperous as it ever was. Not only has the number of b-boys risen, but there has also been an enormous increase in the number of b-girls that have embraced the Culture. There are now thousands of breakdance institutions as well as general dance institutions that offer “hip-hop dance” as an elective course of study. In addition, there are dozens of global breakdance competitive tournaments that attract participants in over 50 countries around the world. As a stark result of the millions of youth around the world having studied and championed this unique dance form throughout the years, it is now nearly impossible to identify any part of the world where b-boying does not have some degree of presence and influence within the inner-city dance scene.


B-boying is an intricate hip-hop dance style which demands an extreme level of skill to master. But as long as there are DJs spinning music and that music has beats in it, the b-boy and b-girl will forever endure. Accessed 1 May 2017.



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ELEMENTS DANCE COMPANY is a Pre-Professional Urban Dance Training Program for dancers ages 9-18.


Dancers in the program receive a comprehensive education in all forms of Urban Dance, such as b-boying/b-girling, Hip Hop, locking, popping, house,krumping, waacking, voguing, and various form of commercial dance. Dancers also have the opportunity to train with industry professionals and perform at many noteworthy events and venues.  

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